Monday, December 14, 2009

A Welcoming Introduction

Hello everyone... first of all, let me introduce myself. I am known to my local Transformers Toy Collectors Community as New_Megatronia. If you've been following my old blog dedicated to my TF collections.. you would have known that I've been talking about redoing my blog for quite some time now due to the crappy pics. Initially I was planning to do a proper website with that purpose, but I simply do not have the know how to maintain one LOL.. I'm a complete TECH DUMMY!!!

Anyhow... I've finally got off my butt and starting retaking pics of my collection and have already begun blogging LOL again... so do come in.. enjoy the pics n share with my my thoughts about the figure/figures I blogged about and share with me your comments :)

Challenge Of The Go-Bots

Transformers Opening Titles: Generation One Season 2

My historical love affair with Transformers...

OK... I guess the beginning is always a good place to start, so lets start with what got me hooked on all things Transformers. Well, like all kids growing up in the 80's "Transformers" was the biggest thing on TV!!! My love for all things Transformers was first "Sparked" by oddly enough, before the debut of the "Transformers" series. It was the less interesting "Challenge Of the Go-Bots".

That was what got me interested in Robots transforming into vehicles initially. They were cool and all, but they were lacking what Transformers have... a sense of style.. a style that stood the test of time, Something Transformers did effortlessly. of course, when Transformers debut in 1984, Go-Bots was blown right out of the water and into obscurity.

Well, everyone love the show.. even my older brother loved it and I often watch it with him when we were kids. But loving the show was one thing... loving the toys was quite another. I grew up in a below average income family, so such luxuries as owning a Transformers toy was out of the question... More stories of my childhood conquest with Transformers will unfurled in the future as I feature my all of my TF toy collections...

Well, as I was saying earlier... owning a TF toy as a kid was something I never really had, well... not in the sense that it was bought for me by my parents or even an Aunt or Uncle. All the TF toy I ever had were bought by myself because I saved up like heck on my own by selling odds and ends to the kids at the marketplace or at school. Of course, that meant I could only afford the smaller TF toys.

My very first TF toy that I bought was "Red Alert"... But of course I didn't know what his function was, I just think that he looks cool and that it's a Lamborghini that transforms into a cool robot. I think I bought it just to impress my older brother hehehe, what a kid would do just to get some attention LOL . Most of my bigger TF toys were all charity project of my richer friends who would pawn them off to me in exchange for certain tasks. Some would feel so sorry for my pathetic lack of a Transformers toy, that they would just never ask for the toys back that they had borrowed me. That's how pathetic I was LOL

To say the least... I never owned a Prime or Megatron toy as a kid as these r the bigger and more expensive toy that one would have to fork out at one go.. and if a Prime n Megs toy is beyond my reach... I can kiss my dream goodbye for ever owning even bigger toys like Omega Supreme...

Well... fast forward 25 yrs later, I now have got more TF toys then I would ever imagine owning and my obsession my all things Prime n Megs have also embarked me on a quest to get all the available Prime n Megs figures I could get my hands on.

On a final note... I am perhaps the only Transformers fan and toy collector in my community that's disabled and wheel chaired bound... That kinda gives the whole notion of "Transform and Roll Out!!!" a whole new meaning Hahahah :p

NOTE: This is purely a fan based blog and in no way is it used as a promotion for any kind of sales purposes. The images that are primarily mine would have been labeled with my blog add on it. Other related images that are not originally taken by me are obtained from various Transformers related sites to help makes this blog a little bit more interesting. Images which I have taken from these sites are all featured at my "Fav Transformers Link" section. Should there be any copyright infringement on my part, pls notify me so that i may remove the images as requested. Thanks


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