Friday, December 25, 2009

Titanium Series - 2007 SDCC Exclusive - Menasor

Titanium Menasor 2007 SDCC Exclusive is generally a black n purple repaint of the 6" transformable "Titanium Series" - "Rodimus Prime" .

Technically this convention exclusive figure is suppose to be "Exclusive"... but somehow it managed to make it's way to the local market and for quite some time was actually just sitting on shelves in a few local toy shops as shelf warmers and was going at RM 80 a pop :)

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Final Verdict:

There really isn't anything much I can say about this toy/mold that I haven't already said in my earlier posting of "Rodimus Prime". Suffice to say that it's a really cool figure and if u love this mold as Rodimus Prime... u will love this toy in this color nonetheless. Who cares if the name "Menasor" doesn't fit the bill for this toy since "Menasor" is suppose to be a G1 Decepticon combiner formed by the "Stunticons"... Just grab it!!! Plus, it's always fun to pose twins together especially if one is an evil twin LOL.

Two Sides of the Same Coin


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