Saturday, December 26, 2009

Titanium Series - Scourge

Scourge is an awesome figure to begin fact, I think I actually like Scourge more than Cyclonus... erm... maybe just a little LOL. Scourge was reformatted from the damaged form of Thundercracker... assuming that he was indeed Thundercracker. Since he was the one in the foreground while both Shrapnel and Kickback of the Insecticons were in the background... so, naturally I assume they are the Scourge's "Sweeps".

For years we have to make do with the uninspiring G1 vintage version of Scourge. OK, before you g1 purist jump on me hahaha... I love G1 as much as the next pimply faced fan boi LOL. But u gotta admit it... U gotta be a little nuts to say u don't love an updated version of a G1 figure... RIGHT??!!

The 6" transformable "Titanium Series" by Hasbro answers the pleas and cries of the fans by producing this awesome Titanium Scourge in 2006 and it sold out locally faster than water sold in the desert!!! I only mange to get one loose through a fellow collector. The space cruiser mode looks a lot more sleek compared to the vintage version and it's transformation was equally simplistic.

The Bot mode, Although is an upgrade from the G1 vintage version... I would have hoped for a better figure. But beggars can't be choosers hehehe and for now. This is the only Scourge I have in my possession that's articulated enough that allows decent posability and offers the possibility of a more interesting pic :P

As u can see from the pics in the slide show... it doesn't really offers much articulations albeit the fact that's it's an improvement from the G1 version. How I wish I have the BOTCON version T_T

Final Verdict:

This figure gets a 8 out from me hehehe... simply because he's a step up from the vintage version :P He's quite heavy to pose and doesn't offers much articulation nor playability. But he scores plainly on how good he looks in bot mode. Is this figure perfect?? Ofcoz not...there's room for improvement... but for those of u who can't afford to get a Botcon version, this is a very good alternative. If u can get more then one of this figure, it will only make it all the more sweeter :p Scourge is lonely without his SWEEPS!!!

TF Henkei Dynamic Duo

TF Universe Dynamic Duo

Galvatron's personal errand bois looks ever so awesome and Ideally I would've prefer Scourge being made in the Universe and Henkei line. Sadly.. any chance of Scourge being made in either of this line is rather slim since Hasbro retooled TF Cybertron/Galaxy Force Sideways into Scourge for Botcon 09'

TF Henkei Deadly Trio

TF Universe Deadly Trio

It's pretty awesome posing all three of em together... although Scourge isn't part of the TF Universe/Henkei line... he's still passable when u pose him together with any figures from that line.

These are the damn awesome Botcon Scourge and his Sweeps.. alas, these are figures that will never make their way into my collection unless I sell my inards for em LOL. In a way I have a love/hate relationship with Botcon. I am irritated to no end by how Hasbro only thinks about the fans in the US when their success is partially due to us.. the INTERNATIONAL FANS!!!

My only hope for a G1 Scourge would have to lie on Fansproject since they have been making awesome "Add Ons" and soon releasing their re imagined G1 figures :P Since Henkei belongs to Takara and they are not known for making figures that are not "Anime Accurate"... there's very little chance for em making a Scourge figure like the Botcon version. But could this also means they could be making one completely original figure as an exclusive?? Who knows.. but I would file that under "VERY SLIM CHANCE"!!!


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