Thursday, December 10, 2009

TF Universe VS Henkei - Galvatron

Greetings Transformers Fans... I's been quite some time since I last promised the visitors of my former TF blog dedicated to my own TF Collections that I will be redoing my blog with better taken pics instead of the rather bad ones in my old existing blog. I've finally set up my amateur "Photo Studio" and have started taking "Proper" pics of my collection. So, to kick start it all.. I will start with my favorite TF line of the moment - "Transformers Universe and Henkei" line.

Perhaps and arguably the most anticipated TF toy line to date ... at least for me... Is the Universe and Henkei line. It's a veritable love fest for all G1 fans who had wished for the past 25 yrs or so that their G1 toys are more articulated and looked more Anime like LOL.

So... to get this blog going... the one figure I've chosen to kick start my new n somewhat improved blog is - Universe and Henkei- GALVATRON!!!

To simply put it in one word to describe this figure i would say "Awesome" LOL!!! But then again anything that's G1 related is awesome for me. But yeah, this is indeed the closest thing we ever had to a homage to G1 Galvatron.

I mean... sure we had the G1 Galvy that's pretty much a brick and the Energon version which was our first taste to a Galvatron who actually looked like Galvatron.

The Universe and Henkei line is perhaps the first line aside from the G1 vintage to give both Megatron and Galvatron their own individual figure/mold and not an endless incessant repaint party!!!

TF Universe - Galvatron

Ok... so first let's talk about what's awesome about this figure.... I love the dark purple paint job or rather, plastic use for this figure. It brings out the "Menacing" factor of this toy and the character. It's unmistakably Galvatron.. aside from his earth tank alt mode. But I guess a "Tank" would make more sense nowadays instead of having him as a Cybertronian flying cannon... Although I wouldn't mind getting him in that mode too LOL!!! A little querky detail on Galvatron's cannon weilding arm are the words "Galv- 25". Celebrating 25 yrs of Transformers :P

Articulation wise it's fairly satisfactory as it does allow u some dynamic posses.. but whether or not u can stand it after u posed it.. that's a completely different issue ;p

Now for what's bothering me with this figure... the legs r a bitch to pose/stand... especially it's "High Heels" like feet. The back part of the leg where it's suppose to snap into the post don't work at all and this makes it uber hard to pose Galvy in a more dynamic pose.

I truly hate the back pack thingy on it's back too but i guess that's forgivable as it doesn't hinder the look of Galvatron in the front at all.

There r some production mishaps with this figure too as I had friends who bought this figure and complained that the non cannon weilding arm had an inverted fist. But that's easily rectified, but still.. u do get pissed when u have to fix a toy u bought and it didn't come proper as it should be ... heheheh.

TF Henkei - Galvatron

After owning Hasbro's Universe Galvy for a few mths.. the Japs released their version - Henkei Galvatron!!! Like all TF fanbois who "Supposedly" love their TF's with chrome parts.. aka "Bling".

This figure is like very shiny as the main cannon arm weapon for Galvy is pretty much covered in chrome aside from the tank's turret. It also come in a more pastel purple... supposedly more Anime accurately colored.

The problem with the legs is still pretty much the same with the Hasbro Universe version. But my biggest beef with this much sought after Henkei version is... the damn chrome gets scratched and scuffled damn easily n like no body's business!!! Upon Transforming him from tank to bot mode.. the section that holds the chrome part of the tank is uber tight and when i try to used controlled force to pry it open... the chrome at that section flaked!!! Luckily I was able to fix that with a silver chrome marker..

I'm having issues with other Henkei chrome parts too and i must say..i'm starting to really dislike it ... Gggrrrrrr!!!

Final Verdict:

I much prefer the Universe version over the Henkei version purely on the look of the figure and it's color. Plus i don't have to worry about irritating chrome scratches!!!

But sadly... Henkei trumps Universe in terms of collectability and monetary worth hehehe so it's not a bad thing to have both :P

It would also be nice if this figure is a tad bit bigger and in scale... he looks short next to Cyclonus n even smaller next to Prime.

Team Universe

Main cast of the Decepticons Featuring TF Universe - Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge - from the now defunct 6" Titanium series.

Team Henkei

Main cast of the Decepticons Featuring TF Henkei- Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge - from the now defunct 6" Titanium series.

Ok... that's all folks... Hope u guys enjoyed the post as much as I have posting it :P


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