Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!!!

Farewell 2009 and a fond welcome to 2010... Personally. It's been a very trying year in 09' and an exiting year as well for Transformers fans locally and internationally.

Lost my mum this year to internal bleeding in her intestines. She was diagnosed with "Breast Cancer" last year but was actually recovering from it, had it not for the intestinal bleeding that had robbed her of her life. I remember vividly where she was during this time last year. She was hospitalized for lung infection and my sis was looking after her. She fought bravely but finally succumb to the strain on her body on the 18th of February 2009. It was and still is the saddest day of my life. I never knew it could be so painful... much more painful than any physical pain I've ever felt.

On top of this... My sis suffered from a mild stroke 4 days before my mum's passing. She is still recovering from it and is no longer able to drive. I myself have had my own share of health hazards this year. But I guess I should be thankful for all the blessings God had showered me as I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

OK... enough of the DOOM and GLOOM for now.. it's the coming of a New Year for crying out loud!!! 2009 was indeed a great year for Transformers fans everywhere. The continuation of Season 3 of "Transformers Animated" was a welcoming and refreshing take after having to suffer through 4 Japanese animated Transformers series since 2001. There are those who could not and still would not accept this series branding it as too "Kiddish". But I find it very refreshing... Plus it's a homage of the G1 series. How could anyone ever say no to a homage of the G1 series, I can never know... and they called themselves TRANSFORMERS FANS... pfft!!!

The Henkei and Universe series churned out brilliant G1 revamped figures all throughout the first half of the year. While the TakaraTomy "Encore" series was somewhat of a bore this year. It did manage to churn out some interesting g1 figures like the combiner "Combaticons" gift set forming "Bruticus" as well as a total of 3 sets of Cassettebots this year.

The Summer of 2009 brings forth the coming of "Transformers 2 - Revenge Of The Fallen" aka ROTF. The movie's story line was ABYSMAL!!! A 5th grader could have written a better plot!!! GREAT JOB MICHAEL BAY!!! Toywise... it was OK I suppose. churning out some cool figures like Sideswipe and movie inspired figures like the G1 Dirge. But the most abysmal of the lot was the sad excuse of a mechanical primate called -"DEVASTATOR"!!! It was literally a kick in the huge dangling metal balls to name that brainless oaf, Devastator. The toy doesn't even allow the individual vehicles that form Devastator to transform into their individual bot. While the Individual transformable bots are unable to form into Devastator... so that was a total waste of time!!! Although the Japs do have those legend class figs that allows the individually transformable Constructicons to form Devastator... it was a little too late as the damage had already been done :p

The 3rd party companies are also churning out awesome stuff this year... Fansproject started off with the "City Commander" trailer armor for the TF Classics 1.0 - Ultra Magnus and followed with "Shadow Commander", Power Commander" and finally "City Commander" again.. this time with shoulder cannons. Other 3rd party company are also churning out great stuff and promise even more cool stuff in 2010!!!

So all in all... 2010 looks like a promising year. With a new Transformers animation series in the horizon and fans of "Transformers Animated" should rejoice as the Japs are finally picking up the series in Japan. This means TakaraTomy will be making the toys and in TakaraTomy fashion... they always release toys featured in the show. This means we might be getting a heck lot of new unproduced TFA figures by TakaraTomy!!! WooHoo!!! :P

On a final note....



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Customized - Universe - The Rainmakers

Presenting... THE RAINMAKERS!!!

The Rainmakers are a trio of many obscure Dcepticon seekers who made cameo appearance in the US G1 animated series. The Rainmakers made their debut in the G1 US animated series entitled "Divide and Conquer" where the already injured Optimus Prime was badly damaged by Lazerbeak's lazer fire inside the Autobot's volcano base. The only way to repair Prime was to journey back to Cybertron to Wheeljack's lab to retrieve a spare part called a "Cosmotron" hehehehe sounds like Prime is a pioneer in the "Metrosexual Movement" heheh he reads Cosmo LOL

Megatron ordered 3 obscure seekers to attack the team of Autobots who volunteered to retrieve the Cosmotron in Wheeljack's lab in Cybertron via the Decepticon's Space Bridge. The team consists of the disabled human "Chip" (Whatever happened to him anyhow... He just disappeared from the series suddenly) along with the Autobots Bumblebee, Bluestreak, Ironhide and Trailbreaker.

The Rainmakers subdued the Autobots momentarily by creating "Acid rain". But like all G1 episodes... the Autobots manage to triumph and brought the Cosmotron back in time for Wheeljack and Ratchet to fix Prime up and defeat the Decepticons :P

Presenting... Acidstorm!!!

Source -

Acidstorm is the only one of "The Rainmakers" officially produced under the Hasbro "Transformers Universe" line and wasn't available in the Henkei line. He's the second official member of "The Rainmakers" to be given a name connecting it to the scene of the 3 obscure seekers from the episode "Divide and Conquer".

Needless to say.... being a complete "Seekers" fan, this was a much anticipated piece that I was literally itching to add to my fleet of TF Universe/Henkei seekers squad. The official release of "Acidstorm"also offers the opportunity for TF customizers to get their hands on this Starscream's clone mold to be used as spare parts, Because for customizers. actually finding and using a TF - Classics/Universe/Henkei Strascream after the scalping of the figure in the secondary market.. would be MADNESS ;p

However, The camo paint job on the actual original "Acidstorm" doesn't quite sit well for me. Maybe it's becoz I'm not a fan of "Military" themed paint jobs :P Go figure... I'm anti-war yet I love my war planes seekers... hehehe I'm an enigma huh? ;p


I had my friend and local TF customizer "Jicco" do me a set of 3 customized Rainmakers. Giving em a flat camo-less uniform paint job. Originally my pal and I was wondering if we should give Acidstorm a more bright neon green paint job. But after much consideration... we've decided not to go with that but instead go with a more "Emerald Green" color instead.

I must say... I really much prefer this color scheme on my customized Acidstorm compared to the original version. He looks much more uniform in color and a heck lot more menacing. Aside from removing the camo from Acidstorm's original paint detail. The customized version retained the basic color palette of Black, 2 shades of Green, Yellow and the mos distinguishable feature to set "The Rainmakers" apart is the steel Grey paint job applied on their heads.

Comparing both original and customized Acidstorm together in their alternate seekers mold, I should say that I really much prefer the customized version as the colors really pop... compared to the original one that in my opinion is one hot mess LOL.

However, I must say that individually... I consider them both as "Acidstorm". The original version does tend to stand out more compared to the customized version. Maybe it's because the original version have got more color variation n details to break up the over all look and making it more noticeable compared to the customized version which mainly consists of straight off Emerald Green... although it consists of 2 shades of green to set it apart from the torso and the rest of the body. But looking at em individually in reality... u would really be able to appreciate the differences between the two.


Sunstorm though not an official mass produced figure in the TF Universe/Henkei line... He was given a legitimate existence and name in the 2001 "Dreamwave" Transformers comics series.

A result of "Shockwaves" experiments to fit a solar-powered fusion reactor into cloned Decepticon warriors reached their fruition in Sunstorm, a clone of the treacherous Starscream, Sunstorm's structure has been augmented to endure the enormous stresses involved. He was the perfect soldier; he possessed the ability to manipulate electromagnetic energy, enhanced regenerative capabilities, and a blank slate of a mind waiting to be written according to Shockwave's design. Read Here for more details regarding SUNSTORM

Choosing to go with this paint job that is more comic book accurate, I find that this paint job best personifies the name and character that is "SUNSTORM"!!! His color scheme seems to be the one that really makes him stand out among the three Rainmakers and was actually the very first of the 3 rainmakers I commissioned by good pal Jicco. According to him... Sunstorm was the most difficult to make among the three as the yellow base coat was a real pain in the kaboost to apply. But Nonetheless... this is one fine looking specimen.. Good job Jicco!!! :P


Presenting... Hailstorm!!! The third and final member of "The Rainmakers" is the un-named member of the 3 seekers. Most would just refer to him as the "Blue Seeker" in the Rainmakers team. However some fans have already unofficially dubbed him as "Hydrostorm".

However... I do not feel that the name "Hydrostorm" suits him well. That is why I personally dubbed him as "HAILSTORM"!!! No offense, but I find this name suits him better. I've heard of Acid rain... therefore Acidstorm makes sense. Same goes for Sunstorm as Sun rain does occur. But to call him Hydrostorm is like calling him "Water Rain"... LOL ;p That's just plain silly... Hahahaha. Since there's actually a weather phenomenon called raining "Hail Stones". Why not just name him "Hailstorm" instead?? Hehehe would be so cool to see a member of the seekers uisng Ice inducing/projecting powers or weapons :p

Final Verdict:

The verdict is very simple... If u happen to have extras of either Classics/Universe/Henkei Starscream's or Acidstorm's and u happen to know or have any TF customizers friend. Commission em to do this set for u. No true seekers fan could resist the idea of owning this set, nor can any true seekers fan not own this set :p So watcha waitin for??? Go get em made!!! :P

The Rainmakers!!!


TF - Music Label - Soundwave, Soundblaster and Device Label Ravage

Sounndwave is undeniably one of the most loved G1 Decepticons aside from the obvious Megatron and Starscream. Personally... I'm more of a Screamer fan but that's for another post hehehe ;p

Talk about making a lasting first impression. Soundwave was the very first Decepticons to appear in the beginning of the US G1 series "More Than Meets The Eye". Soundwave in his Cybertronian mode (a rather uninspiring street lamp mode) was at iacon dispatching Lazerbeak (Very cool Cybertronian mode) to spy on the Autobots.

He's Megatron's most trusted right hand man and he comes with his own army of Cassettebots!!

Soundwave and Ravage

Soundwave toys have seen quite a few tweaks over the years but none come as close as this. A true homage to it's G1 self in the anime and fully posable too. A far cry from the vintage G1 version and the 6" transformable "Titanium Series" which i candidly dubbed "Pampers Soundwave" hehehe because he does indeed look like he's wearing pampers!!! LOL.

This Music Label Soundwave comes in 3 colors. The original Blue... a black Soundblaster repaint and a white version which many would consider it to be the white colored "Botcon 08 - Shattered Class - Soundwave".

The white one is the toughest to hunt down and the most expensive of the lot. It's weird becoz technically this blue original version "Should" be the most prized... oh well, I guess u can never be sure how fans react to a figure huh?

Soundwave Vs Blaster US Version

In the spirit of remembering how awesome Soundwave is... perhaps some of the most awesome scenes of him are scenes of him duking it out with the Autobot "Blaster"!!! The clip above s one such fight scenes between the two in the US G1 series

Soundwave Vs Blaster Jap Version

In this Jap G1 series fight scene between Soundwave and Blaster. Both manage to destroy each other. it's odd considering we hardly ever see any TF getting killed off in the entire run of the US G1 series, with the exception of Optimus Prime in the 86' Transformers - the Movie. I guess the Japs are a little too triggerhappy in their attempt to sell exclusive repainted toys eh? hehehe

Soundblaster and Ravage

Soundblaster is the product of the G1 Jap series which I am none too familiar as I simply couldn't get pass a single episode of the Jap series without feeling nauseous :p Since I'm not a huge fan of the Jap series... I can't say much about it at a "Character" point of view... but purely at a toy point of view, anything that's repainted BLACK is cool hehehe. I guess what they say is true... Once you go BLACK... You don't go BACK!!! :p

Birth of Soundblaster

Above is a clip from the G1 Jap series where Soundwaves Cassettebots rebuilt and revive their master into a much cooler black colored "SOUNDBLASTER"!!!

Device Label - Ravage

Device label Ravage is perhaps the most stunning version of it's G1 homage counterparts over the years. The recently released Universe/Henkei Ravage packed with Hound was quite sweet and does indeed transforms into a cassette... Although this Device Label version doesn't transforms into a cassette anymore... I mean come on, it's 2009!!! Who uses a cassette anymore anyhow???!!!

Talk about an upgrade... this baby now transforms into a USB device capable of holding 2G of memory!!! hehehe beat that lousy 80's technology LOL. What's so awesome about this figure is that he is no longer wafer thin and ridiculously hard to stand should u pose his legs in any position other than all four legs straight on the ground heheh. U can even simulate him leaping or lunging at his enemy in a cool dynamic action shot!!!

Short of the side cannons mounted at his back legs hips as shown in the G1 series.. this is a pretty sweet Ravage to have. I guess aside from this version.. the next best thing would have been the "Alternators" version.. which I've sold hehehe. Somehow I'm not a fan of cars transforming into cats :P

Final Verdict:

Short of giving both Soundwave and Soundblaster waist articulation... this is an awesome figure to have especially if u r a G1 fan and u r sick of your vintage very static looking figure that don't do much aside from just standing straight hehehe :P

I notice that this is the problem for most G1 stuff n New stuff... G1 stays static while new stuff rarely comes with waist articulations unless the toys transformations calls for it to have one. Otherwise waist articulations just don't happen. Especially for most deluxe size toys :P

As for Ravage... I'm not even gonna say much about it, suffice to say... u should kick yourself in the groin if u pass out on this figure... or at least get someone to kick u LOL :P

Blasting Waves of Sound...

Wouldn't it be awesome if both Soundwave n Soundblaster were twins?? hehehe :p


Sunday, December 27, 2009

10th Years of Collecting!!!

Today or Yesterday.. depending on where u r is the 10th anniversary of my journey as a serious/semi-professional TRANSFORMERS toy collector!!!

10 yrs ago on the 26th of December 1999, I got my very first TF toy after about 10 yrs of quitting since the G1 series died. The toy that got me started all over again was "Beast Wars" Transmetal II Megatron!!!

My collection grew from 1 to 30 by the time 1st Jan 2000 came LOL... That pretty much set me on a course as an obsessive TF toy collector till this very day!!!

Here's wishing 10 more yrs of Collecting!!! :P


Saturday, December 26, 2009

TF Universe VS Henkei - Cyclonus

Cyclonus made his debut in the 86' animated "Transformers - The Movie". Cyclonus is one half of Galvatron's most trusted D-Cons in the post movie 3rd season of the US TF cartoon series. Reformatted from the damaged form of Insecticons, "Bombshell". Just like Scourge... I'm gonna assume that the one in the foreground is the actual Cyclonus and not the one in the background who was Skywarp and was "Supposedly" - "Cyclonus and his Armada" hehehe which is quite lame actually since his armada only consist of one other clone LOL.

And Cyclonus being a complete "Attention Whore" that he is ended up being the only character figure of his kind.. completely ditching his 1 other armada unlike Scourge and his Sweeps who seems to have an endless supply of sweeps considering a few of em got blown to bits in the movie but there was only two other sweeps when Unicron reformatted the damged D-Cons LOL.. I love the 80's.. they can just be oblivious with their mistakes on cartoons LOL

TF Universe - Cyclonus

When I first saw rough images of TF Universe - Cyclonus at taken from Botcon 08'... I was positively stoked LOL. There it was, CYCLONUS in all his glory. To top it off... he comes with his Targetmaster - Nightstick!!! To say that this toy is an updated version of it's G1 vintage counterpart is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!! ;P

The redesign of this figure/toy is sheer genius. It looked so much alike to it's cartoon counterpart in both alt and robot mode and the posability of this figure allow it to be posed in a heck lot more dynamic pose. The pic above was actually a fluke shot, but Cyclonus looks positively wicked in this shot and It only make this figure all that much more awesome to me!!! Hehehehe ;p

Personally.. I like this color on Cyclonus as oppose to the Henkei version. This dark purple color scheme makes Cyclonus look a heck lot more wicked. It also pays homage to it's G1 vintage Cyclonus counterpart with this dark color scheme. My only complain of this figure is the weird "Two Tone" color of the plastics that forms it's thighs. Wonder why Hasbro make such an irritating decision on such an awesome figure. This figure would have scored a clear 100% perfection if it wasn't for that and perhaps giving this figure waist articulation.

TF Henkei - Cyclonus

The Henkei version came out around March or April this year.. not sure.. can't remember... But what's important is... this figure was sold out instantly and is currently one of the highest priced Henkei figure on ebay and the secondary market. Perhaps the most expensive of the lot aside for Henkei Hound and Ravage.

Figure wise... it's generally the same aside for the somewhat pastel purple color on Cyclonus. Although it is "Supposedly" anime accurate in color. It just somewhat "Sissified" this character/figure. It's wings are also purple in color and chromed as well thus making it irresistible to "Chromephiles" - Collectors who just can't say NO to chromed figures :p Alas it doesn't have the same irritating problem with it's thighs as the Universe version.

Final Verdict:

No one should pass up on this figure if they ever come across one. In fact this is one figure that u should get multiples of if u see em and if u have lots of cash to burn LOL. If anything at all... u owe it to Cyclonus to finally have a proper armada of his own n they are affordable too!!! Well.. at least at their original retail price anyways LOL

I manage to snag 3 pcs of Universe Cyclonus and only 1 pc of Henkei Cyclonus. That had always been my plan from the moment I saw pics of this figure online. Using Universe Cyclonus as his Armada while the Henkei version as the actual Cyclonus. Talk about being bias huh? LOL

Evil Twins

Triple Threat...

Cyclonus and his Armada!!!

Finally... Cyclonus have a proper "Armada"... but I don't think he's too happy with me for finally giving him that LOL


Titanium Series - Scourge

Scourge is an awesome figure to begin fact, I think I actually like Scourge more than Cyclonus... erm... maybe just a little LOL. Scourge was reformatted from the damaged form of Thundercracker... assuming that he was indeed Thundercracker. Since he was the one in the foreground while both Shrapnel and Kickback of the Insecticons were in the background... so, naturally I assume they are the Scourge's "Sweeps".

For years we have to make do with the uninspiring G1 vintage version of Scourge. OK, before you g1 purist jump on me hahaha... I love G1 as much as the next pimply faced fan boi LOL. But u gotta admit it... U gotta be a little nuts to say u don't love an updated version of a G1 figure... RIGHT??!!

The 6" transformable "Titanium Series" by Hasbro answers the pleas and cries of the fans by producing this awesome Titanium Scourge in 2006 and it sold out locally faster than water sold in the desert!!! I only mange to get one loose through a fellow collector. The space cruiser mode looks a lot more sleek compared to the vintage version and it's transformation was equally simplistic.

The Bot mode, Although is an upgrade from the G1 vintage version... I would have hoped for a better figure. But beggars can't be choosers hehehe and for now. This is the only Scourge I have in my possession that's articulated enough that allows decent posability and offers the possibility of a more interesting pic :P

As u can see from the pics in the slide show... it doesn't really offers much articulations albeit the fact that's it's an improvement from the G1 version. How I wish I have the BOTCON version T_T

Final Verdict:

This figure gets a 8 out from me hehehe... simply because he's a step up from the vintage version :P He's quite heavy to pose and doesn't offers much articulation nor playability. But he scores plainly on how good he looks in bot mode. Is this figure perfect?? Ofcoz not...there's room for improvement... but for those of u who can't afford to get a Botcon version, this is a very good alternative. If u can get more then one of this figure, it will only make it all the more sweeter :p Scourge is lonely without his SWEEPS!!!

TF Henkei Dynamic Duo

TF Universe Dynamic Duo

Galvatron's personal errand bois looks ever so awesome and Ideally I would've prefer Scourge being made in the Universe and Henkei line. Sadly.. any chance of Scourge being made in either of this line is rather slim since Hasbro retooled TF Cybertron/Galaxy Force Sideways into Scourge for Botcon 09'

TF Henkei Deadly Trio

TF Universe Deadly Trio

It's pretty awesome posing all three of em together... although Scourge isn't part of the TF Universe/Henkei line... he's still passable when u pose him together with any figures from that line.

These are the damn awesome Botcon Scourge and his Sweeps.. alas, these are figures that will never make their way into my collection unless I sell my inards for em LOL. In a way I have a love/hate relationship with Botcon. I am irritated to no end by how Hasbro only thinks about the fans in the US when their success is partially due to us.. the INTERNATIONAL FANS!!!

My only hope for a G1 Scourge would have to lie on Fansproject since they have been making awesome "Add Ons" and soon releasing their re imagined G1 figures :P Since Henkei belongs to Takara and they are not known for making figures that are not "Anime Accurate"... there's very little chance for em making a Scourge figure like the Botcon version. But could this also means they could be making one completely original figure as an exclusive?? Who knows.. but I would file that under "VERY SLIM CHANCE"!!!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Titanium Series - 2007 SDCC Exclusive - Menasor

Titanium Menasor 2007 SDCC Exclusive is generally a black n purple repaint of the 6" transformable "Titanium Series" - "Rodimus Prime" .

Technically this convention exclusive figure is suppose to be "Exclusive"... but somehow it managed to make it's way to the local market and for quite some time was actually just sitting on shelves in a few local toy shops as shelf warmers and was going at RM 80 a pop :)

Align Center

Final Verdict:

There really isn't anything much I can say about this toy/mold that I haven't already said in my earlier posting of "Rodimus Prime". Suffice to say that it's a really cool figure and if u love this mold as Rodimus Prime... u will love this toy in this color nonetheless. Who cares if the name "Menasor" doesn't fit the bill for this toy since "Menasor" is suppose to be a G1 Decepticon combiner formed by the "Stunticons"... Just grab it!!! Plus, it's always fun to pose twins together especially if one is an evil twin LOL.

Two Sides of the Same Coin