Monday, December 14, 2009

Titanium Series - Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus first made it's debut in the 1986 animated "Tranformers - The Movie" and from the get go... he was doomed to be Optimus Prime's second hand bitch

Always repainted from Prime's mold and rarely owning an individual mold of its own... the introduction of the 6" transformable "Titanium Series" is the first time a toy of Ultra Magnus looks almost 100% identical to that of it's anime counterpart.

To many fans... this is the first time there's a certified G1 Ultra Magnus that don't come with add on kibbles or an Optimus Prime figure repainted white. Thus making this figure very very sought after among collectors and fans alike.

The vehicle alt mode of this figure is ingeniously designed. Simple and effective that doesn't in any way sacrifice the transformation of the figure from armored transport truck to robot mode.

In Robot mode, Magnus looks awesome and IMO, is almost a perfect representation of it's G1 anime counterpart. Poseability of this figure is fairly satisfactory as most of the major joints r fairly articulated.

The toy itself is pretty heavy for a figure of it's size... this is mainly becoz it's got some die-cast metal parts which could work for it or against it. Sometimes the added weight of the metal parts are crucial for posing it in a more dynamic pose.. but more often than not, it worked against it and send the toy crashing down... HARD!!! Ouch!!!

Final Verdict:

All in all... this is a figure that's a must have for every G1 fans, especially those who are sick of seeing poor old Magnus being stuck in perpetual repaint hell as Prime's bitch!!! LOL

My only complain about this figure are the placements of it's arms. IMO, the arms seems to be placed too far back from it's shoulder/torso of the figure in bot mode. if it wasn't placed so far back, this figure would have scored a perfect "10" in my book :P

Brothers in Arms

Alas... Poor Magnus never became the leader he was chosen to be by Prime at his death bed... the young Punk Hot Rod literally snatched that honor from his hands and become the suckiest Prime in the history of PRIMES!!! Sucky as Rodimus may be... he still looked good posing with Magnus in this back to back battle scene :P


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