Saturday, December 26, 2009

TF Universe VS Henkei - Cyclonus

Cyclonus made his debut in the 86' animated "Transformers - The Movie". Cyclonus is one half of Galvatron's most trusted D-Cons in the post movie 3rd season of the US TF cartoon series. Reformatted from the damaged form of Insecticons, "Bombshell". Just like Scourge... I'm gonna assume that the one in the foreground is the actual Cyclonus and not the one in the background who was Skywarp and was "Supposedly" - "Cyclonus and his Armada" hehehe which is quite lame actually since his armada only consist of one other clone LOL.

And Cyclonus being a complete "Attention Whore" that he is ended up being the only character figure of his kind.. completely ditching his 1 other armada unlike Scourge and his Sweeps who seems to have an endless supply of sweeps considering a few of em got blown to bits in the movie but there was only two other sweeps when Unicron reformatted the damged D-Cons LOL.. I love the 80's.. they can just be oblivious with their mistakes on cartoons LOL

TF Universe - Cyclonus

When I first saw rough images of TF Universe - Cyclonus at taken from Botcon 08'... I was positively stoked LOL. There it was, CYCLONUS in all his glory. To top it off... he comes with his Targetmaster - Nightstick!!! To say that this toy is an updated version of it's G1 vintage counterpart is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!! ;P

The redesign of this figure/toy is sheer genius. It looked so much alike to it's cartoon counterpart in both alt and robot mode and the posability of this figure allow it to be posed in a heck lot more dynamic pose. The pic above was actually a fluke shot, but Cyclonus looks positively wicked in this shot and It only make this figure all that much more awesome to me!!! Hehehehe ;p

Personally.. I like this color on Cyclonus as oppose to the Henkei version. This dark purple color scheme makes Cyclonus look a heck lot more wicked. It also pays homage to it's G1 vintage Cyclonus counterpart with this dark color scheme. My only complain of this figure is the weird "Two Tone" color of the plastics that forms it's thighs. Wonder why Hasbro make such an irritating decision on such an awesome figure. This figure would have scored a clear 100% perfection if it wasn't for that and perhaps giving this figure waist articulation.

TF Henkei - Cyclonus

The Henkei version came out around March or April this year.. not sure.. can't remember... But what's important is... this figure was sold out instantly and is currently one of the highest priced Henkei figure on ebay and the secondary market. Perhaps the most expensive of the lot aside for Henkei Hound and Ravage.

Figure wise... it's generally the same aside for the somewhat pastel purple color on Cyclonus. Although it is "Supposedly" anime accurate in color. It just somewhat "Sissified" this character/figure. It's wings are also purple in color and chromed as well thus making it irresistible to "Chromephiles" - Collectors who just can't say NO to chromed figures :p Alas it doesn't have the same irritating problem with it's thighs as the Universe version.

Final Verdict:

No one should pass up on this figure if they ever come across one. In fact this is one figure that u should get multiples of if u see em and if u have lots of cash to burn LOL. If anything at all... u owe it to Cyclonus to finally have a proper armada of his own n they are affordable too!!! Well.. at least at their original retail price anyways LOL

I manage to snag 3 pcs of Universe Cyclonus and only 1 pc of Henkei Cyclonus. That had always been my plan from the moment I saw pics of this figure online. Using Universe Cyclonus as his Armada while the Henkei version as the actual Cyclonus. Talk about being bias huh? LOL

Evil Twins

Triple Threat...

Cyclonus and his Armada!!!

Finally... Cyclonus have a proper "Armada"... but I don't think he's too happy with me for finally giving him that LOL


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