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Customized - Universe - The Rainmakers

Presenting... THE RAINMAKERS!!!

The Rainmakers are a trio of many obscure Dcepticon seekers who made cameo appearance in the US G1 animated series. The Rainmakers made their debut in the G1 US animated series entitled "Divide and Conquer" where the already injured Optimus Prime was badly damaged by Lazerbeak's lazer fire inside the Autobot's volcano base. The only way to repair Prime was to journey back to Cybertron to Wheeljack's lab to retrieve a spare part called a "Cosmotron" hehehehe sounds like Prime is a pioneer in the "Metrosexual Movement" heheh he reads Cosmo LOL

Megatron ordered 3 obscure seekers to attack the team of Autobots who volunteered to retrieve the Cosmotron in Wheeljack's lab in Cybertron via the Decepticon's Space Bridge. The team consists of the disabled human "Chip" (Whatever happened to him anyhow... He just disappeared from the series suddenly) along with the Autobots Bumblebee, Bluestreak, Ironhide and Trailbreaker.

The Rainmakers subdued the Autobots momentarily by creating "Acid rain". But like all G1 episodes... the Autobots manage to triumph and brought the Cosmotron back in time for Wheeljack and Ratchet to fix Prime up and defeat the Decepticons :P

Presenting... Acidstorm!!!

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Acidstorm is the only one of "The Rainmakers" officially produced under the Hasbro "Transformers Universe" line and wasn't available in the Henkei line. He's the second official member of "The Rainmakers" to be given a name connecting it to the scene of the 3 obscure seekers from the episode "Divide and Conquer".

Needless to say.... being a complete "Seekers" fan, this was a much anticipated piece that I was literally itching to add to my fleet of TF Universe/Henkei seekers squad. The official release of "Acidstorm"also offers the opportunity for TF customizers to get their hands on this Starscream's clone mold to be used as spare parts, Because for customizers. actually finding and using a TF - Classics/Universe/Henkei Strascream after the scalping of the figure in the secondary market.. would be MADNESS ;p

However, The camo paint job on the actual original "Acidstorm" doesn't quite sit well for me. Maybe it's becoz I'm not a fan of "Military" themed paint jobs :P Go figure... I'm anti-war yet I love my war planes seekers... hehehe I'm an enigma huh? ;p


I had my friend and local TF customizer "Jicco" do me a set of 3 customized Rainmakers. Giving em a flat camo-less uniform paint job. Originally my pal and I was wondering if we should give Acidstorm a more bright neon green paint job. But after much consideration... we've decided not to go with that but instead go with a more "Emerald Green" color instead.

I must say... I really much prefer this color scheme on my customized Acidstorm compared to the original version. He looks much more uniform in color and a heck lot more menacing. Aside from removing the camo from Acidstorm's original paint detail. The customized version retained the basic color palette of Black, 2 shades of Green, Yellow and the mos distinguishable feature to set "The Rainmakers" apart is the steel Grey paint job applied on their heads.

Comparing both original and customized Acidstorm together in their alternate seekers mold, I should say that I really much prefer the customized version as the colors really pop... compared to the original one that in my opinion is one hot mess LOL.

However, I must say that individually... I consider them both as "Acidstorm". The original version does tend to stand out more compared to the customized version. Maybe it's because the original version have got more color variation n details to break up the over all look and making it more noticeable compared to the customized version which mainly consists of straight off Emerald Green... although it consists of 2 shades of green to set it apart from the torso and the rest of the body. But looking at em individually in reality... u would really be able to appreciate the differences between the two.


Sunstorm though not an official mass produced figure in the TF Universe/Henkei line... He was given a legitimate existence and name in the 2001 "Dreamwave" Transformers comics series.

A result of "Shockwaves" experiments to fit a solar-powered fusion reactor into cloned Decepticon warriors reached their fruition in Sunstorm, a clone of the treacherous Starscream, Sunstorm's structure has been augmented to endure the enormous stresses involved. He was the perfect soldier; he possessed the ability to manipulate electromagnetic energy, enhanced regenerative capabilities, and a blank slate of a mind waiting to be written according to Shockwave's design. Read Here for more details regarding SUNSTORM

Choosing to go with this paint job that is more comic book accurate, I find that this paint job best personifies the name and character that is "SUNSTORM"!!! His color scheme seems to be the one that really makes him stand out among the three Rainmakers and was actually the very first of the 3 rainmakers I commissioned by good pal Jicco. According to him... Sunstorm was the most difficult to make among the three as the yellow base coat was a real pain in the kaboost to apply. But Nonetheless... this is one fine looking specimen.. Good job Jicco!!! :P


Presenting... Hailstorm!!! The third and final member of "The Rainmakers" is the un-named member of the 3 seekers. Most would just refer to him as the "Blue Seeker" in the Rainmakers team. However some fans have already unofficially dubbed him as "Hydrostorm".

However... I do not feel that the name "Hydrostorm" suits him well. That is why I personally dubbed him as "HAILSTORM"!!! No offense, but I find this name suits him better. I've heard of Acid rain... therefore Acidstorm makes sense. Same goes for Sunstorm as Sun rain does occur. But to call him Hydrostorm is like calling him "Water Rain"... LOL ;p That's just plain silly... Hahahaha. Since there's actually a weather phenomenon called raining "Hail Stones". Why not just name him "Hailstorm" instead?? Hehehe would be so cool to see a member of the seekers uisng Ice inducing/projecting powers or weapons :p

Final Verdict:

The verdict is very simple... If u happen to have extras of either Classics/Universe/Henkei Starscream's or Acidstorm's and u happen to know or have any TF customizers friend. Commission em to do this set for u. No true seekers fan could resist the idea of owning this set, nor can any true seekers fan not own this set :p So watcha waitin for??? Go get em made!!! :P

The Rainmakers!!!


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