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TF Classics 1.0 VS Henkei - Hot Rod

Autobot Cavalier "Hot Rod" is the quintessential example of a free spirited youth in all aspect of the word. He made his debut in the annuls of Transformers history in the 86" animated "Transformers - The Movie". I remember how incredibly excited I was the first time I saw this new and cool looking Autobot. Not only does he look good in robot form... his vehicle form is pretty sweet too. He is portrayed as a cocky young Autobot whose over confidence in himself is put to the test all throughout the movie.

But the introduction of Hot Rod could have backfired badly with fans throughout the world. Especially when he was the one indirectly responsible for the death of Optimus Prime in Megatron's hand. To top it off.. he intercepted the passing of the "Autobot Matrix of Leadership" that had fallen from the dying grasp of Optimus Prime, which was originally intended for Ultra Magnus... Poor Ultra Magnus, he just can't catch a break LOL.

He was basically the heart and soul of the entire movie as it is more of a journey for him to discover his potential for something far greater... His appearance as Hot Rod was pretty much almost a one time deal as he was no longer Hot Rod by the end of the movie and didn't revert back to Hot Rod until almost the end of the Season 4 three part series "The Rebirth" in the US animated series as a Targetmaster.

Ok.. enuf of the TF history lessons ;p Now let us talk about my experience with the toy itself. :P

TF Classics 1.0 - Hot Rod

"Transformers Classics" and later renamed "Transformers Universe" was perhaps the best line of TF toys to date... featuring revamped toys of G1 characters. One of such character/toy that was released under this line is the fan fav character - HOT ROD!!!

It was released back in 2006 under the "Transformers Classics" line and was named "Rodimus" instead of "Hot Rod"... I guess Hasbro must no longer own the trademark to that name since the 80's.

This figure is everything it's G1 counterpart isn't... It looked a heck lot better and a lot more posable too, plus it doesn't have the chrome problems it's G1 counterpart had too.. Pardon me.. but I have developed an aversion to figures with chrome parts as they just get tarnished way too easily!!! Grrr...

Ok... adversity aside... there's simply nothing that would make u not love this toy as it's just so darn cool looking and it's fairly posable due to it's multiple articulated joints. However.. I would have loved it better if he was given a more G1 style weapon. His big ass exhaust pipe/gun kinda looked a little too bulky for him. But I'm not complaining much. I still love this figure and would probably choose him if I was asked to take just 1 toy with me in a cataclysmic situation... hahaha yeah... like a toy is the most important thing to bring along if such a situation arises LOL!!!

TF Henkei - Hot Rod

Hasbro and TakaraTomy revamped the TF Classics line and called it "Transformers Universe" in 2008 and Takara called their version - "Henkei Series" and basically reissued the 06' Classics figures as well as the current 08' Universe figures, among the figures reissued was "Hot Rod".

Generally the Henkei version is the same as the Classics version as it is produced from the same mold. Aside from the use of chrome and a slightly different shade of maroon and minor difference in detailing. Playability n posbability are pretty much the same. However, bcoz of the chrome parts, the Henkei version is very sought after.. but IMO.. it truly is over rated!!! I'm not loving the chrome... first it looks too darn garish and secondly, it gets tarnished way too easily!!!

Final Verdict:

It is an awesome toy to have and own, especially if u r a die hard fan of Hot Rod... but if u ask me which one is better to play with and have a more G1 feel to it. I would choose the Hasbro Classics version. I am more attracted to playing with it more than the Henkei version... u can tell by how bias I am when I took these pics LOL... I'm more inspired with the poses when it comes to the Classics version :p

Henkei lovers... pls don't hate me LOL!!!

Twins Effect

It is always fun to have both versions of the same figs n pose em together hehehe I love the whole "Twins effect" :p

Growing Up Prematurely...

The moral of the story here is.. enjoy your youth and don't rush yourself into growing up...or u r gonna end up like Rodimus prime... a crappy and uninspiring leader LOL!!!

First Prime... then Ultra Magnus and now you...
... It's a pity you Autobots die so easily...
or I might have a sense of satisfaction now...


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