Wednesday, December 30, 2009

TF - Music Label - Soundwave, Soundblaster and Device Label Ravage

Sounndwave is undeniably one of the most loved G1 Decepticons aside from the obvious Megatron and Starscream. Personally... I'm more of a Screamer fan but that's for another post hehehe ;p

Talk about making a lasting first impression. Soundwave was the very first Decepticons to appear in the beginning of the US G1 series "More Than Meets The Eye". Soundwave in his Cybertronian mode (a rather uninspiring street lamp mode) was at iacon dispatching Lazerbeak (Very cool Cybertronian mode) to spy on the Autobots.

He's Megatron's most trusted right hand man and he comes with his own army of Cassettebots!!

Soundwave and Ravage

Soundwave toys have seen quite a few tweaks over the years but none come as close as this. A true homage to it's G1 self in the anime and fully posable too. A far cry from the vintage G1 version and the 6" transformable "Titanium Series" which i candidly dubbed "Pampers Soundwave" hehehe because he does indeed look like he's wearing pampers!!! LOL.

This Music Label Soundwave comes in 3 colors. The original Blue... a black Soundblaster repaint and a white version which many would consider it to be the white colored "Botcon 08 - Shattered Class - Soundwave".

The white one is the toughest to hunt down and the most expensive of the lot. It's weird becoz technically this blue original version "Should" be the most prized... oh well, I guess u can never be sure how fans react to a figure huh?

Soundwave Vs Blaster US Version

In the spirit of remembering how awesome Soundwave is... perhaps some of the most awesome scenes of him are scenes of him duking it out with the Autobot "Blaster"!!! The clip above s one such fight scenes between the two in the US G1 series

Soundwave Vs Blaster Jap Version

In this Jap G1 series fight scene between Soundwave and Blaster. Both manage to destroy each other. it's odd considering we hardly ever see any TF getting killed off in the entire run of the US G1 series, with the exception of Optimus Prime in the 86' Transformers - the Movie. I guess the Japs are a little too triggerhappy in their attempt to sell exclusive repainted toys eh? hehehe

Soundblaster and Ravage

Soundblaster is the product of the G1 Jap series which I am none too familiar as I simply couldn't get pass a single episode of the Jap series without feeling nauseous :p Since I'm not a huge fan of the Jap series... I can't say much about it at a "Character" point of view... but purely at a toy point of view, anything that's repainted BLACK is cool hehehe. I guess what they say is true... Once you go BLACK... You don't go BACK!!! :p

Birth of Soundblaster

Above is a clip from the G1 Jap series where Soundwaves Cassettebots rebuilt and revive their master into a much cooler black colored "SOUNDBLASTER"!!!

Device Label - Ravage

Device label Ravage is perhaps the most stunning version of it's G1 homage counterparts over the years. The recently released Universe/Henkei Ravage packed with Hound was quite sweet and does indeed transforms into a cassette... Although this Device Label version doesn't transforms into a cassette anymore... I mean come on, it's 2009!!! Who uses a cassette anymore anyhow???!!!

Talk about an upgrade... this baby now transforms into a USB device capable of holding 2G of memory!!! hehehe beat that lousy 80's technology LOL. What's so awesome about this figure is that he is no longer wafer thin and ridiculously hard to stand should u pose his legs in any position other than all four legs straight on the ground heheh. U can even simulate him leaping or lunging at his enemy in a cool dynamic action shot!!!

Short of the side cannons mounted at his back legs hips as shown in the G1 series.. this is a pretty sweet Ravage to have. I guess aside from this version.. the next best thing would have been the "Alternators" version.. which I've sold hehehe. Somehow I'm not a fan of cars transforming into cats :P

Final Verdict:

Short of giving both Soundwave and Soundblaster waist articulation... this is an awesome figure to have especially if u r a G1 fan and u r sick of your vintage very static looking figure that don't do much aside from just standing straight hehehe :P

I notice that this is the problem for most G1 stuff n New stuff... G1 stays static while new stuff rarely comes with waist articulations unless the toys transformations calls for it to have one. Otherwise waist articulations just don't happen. Especially for most deluxe size toys :P

As for Ravage... I'm not even gonna say much about it, suffice to say... u should kick yourself in the groin if u pass out on this figure... or at least get someone to kick u LOL :P

Blasting Waves of Sound...

Wouldn't it be awesome if both Soundwave n Soundblaster were twins?? hehehe :p


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