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Transformers Generations 2009 Volume 02 - Exclusive Henkei - Ghost Starscream

Ghost Starscream is the second exclusive figure released together with the "Transformers Generations Vol 2" magazine. The first one being the clear stealth "Rijie" aka "Mirage". It's supposedly only obtainable by cutting out the order form from the magazine. Somehow the local toy shops r getting em in by the cartons :P How they do that is beyond me :p

Screamer's Ghost is a figure that no Screamer fans can do without :P Henkei did a great job making this figure available, although being an exclusive translucent figure means it's the price of roughly 4 to 5 normal issue Henkei figures. It is well worth getting it as it's truly awesome :P

Screamer's ghost first made it's debut in a couple of G1 season 3 episodes - "Starscream's Ghost" and "Ghost in the Machine".

Starscream is indeed a huge thorn in Galvatron's side... even in death, old Screamer is still trying to usurp his position as leader of the Decepticons.

Starscream ghost first appeared in the episode aptly entitled "Starscream's Ghost" to the Decepticon Triplechanger "Octane". Octane who was hiding from Cyclonus and Scourge and the Sweeps inside the Decepticons crypt. Forcing Octane to help him trapping and possessing Cyclonus in an attempt to take revenge on Galvatron for destroying his body. Galvatron soon figure out who it was who had possessed Cyclonus body and blast Cyclonus with his arm cannon in an attempt to purge Screamer from Cyclonus body. But that was all for naught as at the end of that episode... Screamer had possessed the body of Scourge... or one of the Sweeps.

The second time Screamer's ghost appear, he had partially possessed Scourge and force him to help him to regain his body by going to the now severed Unicron's head orbiting Cybertron ominously. Unicron agrees to give Screamer back his physical body if he would do 3 tasks for him. One being to get both Metroplex's eyes. But one eye was damaged so they went n stole one eye from Trypticon instead. Possessing Astrotrain in the process because he's got more cargo space for storing the stolen eyes compare to Scourge. Only to find out that the second task was to bring Trypticon to him, Starscream then possess Trypticon and bring him to Unicron so that Trypticon's "Transformation Cog" can be installed into Unicron's head. The third task was to attach Unicron's head to Cybertron so that he may have a body again...

Scourge who broke away from his unholy alliance with Screamer's ghost told the Autobots about Unicron's plan to use Cybertron as his new body. The Autobots organize a strike party to blast Unicron's head off Cybertron. The possessed Trypticon regained it's consciousness thanks to a Decepticon strike team consist of "Dirge, Thrust, Runnabout and Runnamuck". Starscream insist that Unicron give him back his body now or he would not be able to complete the task Unicron ask of him. But in true Starscream nature... as soon as he got his body back, he refused to complete the task but was blown off Cybertron along with Unicron's head by the explosives planted by the Autobots. Tumbling out of control through space... Screamer came in contact with Galvatron and the Decepticons who proceeded in blasting at him as he continues drifting through space. Read more about it Here -

Screamer's ghost also made a cameo appearance in the Beast wars series where he possessed "Waspinator's" body. The episode is posted above for your viewing pleasure... enjoy :P If I've not mistaken... this was also the first indication that the Beast Wars story line was in direct relation to the vintage G1 series.

For Beasties Haters... SHAME ON YOU... without the Beasties... The Transformers brand would have been dead ages ago!!! :P

Final Verdict:

In general this is a figure with the generic Universe/Henkei Screamer's mold with almost 90% of it being translucent colored plastic giving it a ghost like effect. Nothing much to say aside for the fact that u need to kick yourself in the head if u miss out on this figure because you will most definitely pay through your nose for it in the future. Scalpers have already started to hoard and stock up on this figure for future scalping.

This is the second official "Starscream's Ghost" figure to be made. The first being a G1 version released back in 2001 along with a black and gold version. Kingtoys, a third party company did release a set of miniature G1 Seekers and among the figures is a clear Starscream's ghost figure as well. But since it's not an official product of Haskara... it stands on it's own as an unofficial novelty item that's equally as sought after by fans and collectors... well, at least for me anyways LOL.

Scene Reannactment of the G1 episodes.

"Starscream's Ghost"

The Haunting of Octane

The Possession of Cyclonus

"Ghost in the Machine"

The Possession of Scourge

The Hijacking of Astrotrain

The Taunting of Galvatron

The Betrayal of Unicron

Ok then... hope u guys enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed taking em :)


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